Young Hero Irritated with Phone Calls Himself ‘Theda’

Nowadays, a smartphone has become a basic necessity for everyone and we see even a layman using it quite comfortably. But, young hero Naga Shourya is averse to using smartphones and hence, stopped using one.

Not that he didn’t use any phone in the past or he isn’t going to use one in the future but at present, he didn’t feel the need to use a phone. He calls himself, ‘Theda’ (different) for not only this habit for many others. He is also averse to clicking photographs.

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Ironically, he is now in a profession where he has to allow others to click photographs regularly. Naga Shourya wanted to be a director but didn’t get chances to direct and then shifted to acting. He is certainly a bit different from the present generation, isn’t he?

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