Vijay Sai Leaked Pics – A fresh twist in Vijay Sai’s suicide case

In a fresh twist in the tragic suicide case of comedian Vijay Sai, his wife Vanitha Reddy on Saturday released two intimate pictures of her husband with another woman. After the police came to a conclusion over her role in abatement of a suicide of Vijay, Vanitha went into hiding to escape.

Police teams from Hyderabad were sent to Vijayawada, Kakinada, and Vizag where Vanitha is believed to be moving. In a selfie video released along with photos of her husband’s sexual affairs, Vanitha defends herself saying that she was planning for the future of her daughter. “I am not absconding. I will surrender to the police once I come to grips with my situation,” Vanitha said.

Blaming Vijay for the mess in her life, she said it was because of his extra-marital affairs she was staying away from him and sought a divorce in the court. The pictures I am releasing will prove his wayward lifestyle, and I am going to release more proof to show Vijay’s affairs with several women soon, Vanitha said in the video

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