Telugu TV News Channels Dirty Journalism On Sridevi Death!

Telugu TV News Channels: TRP’s., Sensationalism., draw the possible worst doubts., put irrelevant doubts. cook up stories., arrange meaningless debates., what not..! A couple of Telugu TV News channels doing the possible worst stuff in the name of ‘Sridevi‘.

Sridevi name selling like a hot cake even after her sudden demise. Rather than showcasing her legacy and acting prowess., these channels doing all nonsense around the matter.

They discussed her beauty consiousness.,arranged a debate with so-called doctors on ‘How Comesetic Surgeries Can Cause Heart Attacks’.Later they pulled her family matters, shown her ‘down’ feel in a temple visit as a ‘Depressed health condition’.Tried to draw as her death as Suicide.

Later on, they moved to her husband and Sridevi’s strained relations with Mona’s children. Tried to put Boney Kapoor in a bad light by scrolling ‘ Sridevi has an Insurance of Rs.100 Crs Worth”. With this, they wanted to prove it as ‘A Murder’.

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Only one motive out of this directionless journalism is ‘TRP’. These couple of Telugu TV News Channels in Telugu states just changing the meaning of journalism and setting bad examples. Soon people will lose trust in what media telecasts.

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