Taapsee -What About the Hot Pics? Will You Talk?

Actresses are facing a lot of trouble in the form of social policing where unanimous people slut shame the women that flaunt their attires on social media.What if they get a chance to hit back at them?

A TV show named Troll Police is going to commence this Sunday and Taapsee is the first guest to the show to face her troller directly. She is going to meet this guy Ashish who passed humiliating comments on her bikini posts. Speaking of the show, she said that she wants to convey the message through the show to youngsters out there not to use internet anonymity to spoil someone’s respect.

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That is fine, but how about the actresses who are after the free online publicity, continuously sharing their hot pictures with no purpose on their Instagram and other social accounts? Will Taapsee address that too?

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