Bikini! Superstar’s Daughter Trolled By Netizens

Other day Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana has stunned the netizens by sharing a super hot picture. Apparently she’s aboard a cruise ship and slipped into a tiniest bikini while playing with her cousins.

None expected that Suhana will slip into a two piece and flaunt her assets in a pride manner much before she makes her debut on the silver screen. Despite the fact that Suhana is not as fittest as other contemporary starlets, she’s surely ravishing and her oomph factor is something not to miss. But why would trolls see all of this in that picture?

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Apparently one of the comments read, “Tum ye mat bhulo ki tum muslim ho (Don’t forget you are a Muslim)”. And that bashing continued for hours with trollers feeling a sense of unrest after looking at her bikini picture. And all the social media accounts of media houses and other influencers that have posted this picture evoked such bitter response from trollers.

On the flip side, if Shah Rukh is determined to make his daughter a heroine on the silver screen, who is going to stop him? Already the Superstar clarified it many times that if he takes a decision then he won’t mind any trolls.

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