Is The Senior Hero anasuya bharadwaj’s Bava!

anasuya bharadwaj: When Mohan Babu is sitting in the front row and one has to give a speech standing right in front of him, there will be fear running in the speaker’s mind at any Manchu family related event. Anasuya Bharadwaj went on talking even though Mohan Babu was in front of her.

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She even addressed him as ‘Bava’ while speaking during the audio launch event of Mahan Babu’s upcoming movie ‘Gayathri‘. The dialogue king seemed to be pacified by the way she addressed him. His wife used to call him ‘Bava! and now Anasuya. However, he talked about the differences and how some individuals spoke against her.

Though he didn’t mention the particular reason, Mohan Babu said that initially he didn’t think of inviting her to the event but it was Manchu Vishnu who convinced him.

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