Have You Seen Russian Baahubali?

Russian Baahubali: Baahubali series has been a great achievement for Telugu and Indian Cinema. It earned more than 1750 crs gross from Indian and Overseas markets. Just from India it did earn more than 1000 crores and the Hindi version earned a phenomenal 500 crores Nett while even big Blockbusters of Khans are unable to do so. Such major blockbuster being directed by a Telugu director, SS Rajamouli is more than a pride for us as Telugu people.

Now, the movie is starting to expand in other markets globally and opening at big countries like Japan and Russia. The movie is getting ready to release in Japan this weekend and a big release is guaranteed. Along with that in January, Baahubali is going open in Russia as well. For this, the film team has released a fresh cut trailer that is slightly different from our Telugu one.

In Telugu and Hindi trailers, the human emotion angle has been more stressed upon than the iconic shots that the film has. We can select many shots that represent the film and showcase them. The editors too have selected such mesmerising shots and released a more fast paced trailer than what we saw have seen. It looks more compact and exciting too. We have to wait and see, if the movie will add few more crores to already heavy bank balance.

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