Pakkalesthunnava Pawan Ki: Roja, Straight Ga Heroine Ayyava: Bandla

Shame! Actress, Tv show Judge and politician Roja and actor-filmmaker Bandla Ganesh stooped to a level where they exchanged unthinkably and unprintables in a open call debate on a news channel. As a part of debates after Pawan Kalyan’s sensational speech that covered many controversial topics, Bandla Ganesh appeared on a news channel, wherein Roja too was invited to discuss on call.

As it started off with a regular argument, it turned into the war of words after Bandla Ganesh asked her to speak without disrespecting Jana Sena Pawan Kalyan and later called her ‘golden leg’ in a sarcastic way and Actress Roja responded in a rather harsh and most vulgar way saying ‘Pakkanundi Pakkalestunnava Pawan Kalyan ki’!! She went ahead warning him “Pallu Raltayi ra Yedava” and Bandla Ganesh too lost his temper warning the same much much louder and finished on saying “Nuuvu ‘straight’ ga heroine ayyava mari”!

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This conversation-debate-fight turned too vulgar and odd and as a public representative and a reputed producer, they both could argue on a point choosing decent words on a public medium at least.

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