Renu Desai posts a poetic video about her memories with Pawan

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife Renu Desai is currently living alone with her children. However, Renu said that she remembers old memories again. In this regard, she shared the video with the title ‘Dollar – A Figure of Speech’.

The words that she spoke were like a poem, which were her memories, and the words of her heart. She said the hollow ice melted and the memories turned out again. How strong is the destiny? The mind rekindled all the memories that were rooted in the depths.

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However, Renu said that his memories are still chasing him away from Pawan. After divorcing Pawan, Renu did not marry again. She is currently living in Pune with children. Meanwhile, Renu Desai is shooting for Neethone Dance, which is aired on Star MAA.

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