Ram Gopal Varma Missed Out That Logic -Hyd Police

Speaking with a TV channel, Police Additional DGP who investigated Director Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) has informed that unlike media’s project that Varma generally don’t talk in a straight way has spoken clearly about everything. However, police clarified that the case around Director Ram Gopal Varma is so tight and if the offences are proved he may land in jail for a period of 2-5 years.

Additional DCP Raghuveer revealed that acting on the complaint by Women’s Rights Activist Devi they have found that Director Ram Gopal Varma committed things against law by portraying woman indecently in his movie. “If Varma is feeling that he will not come under the purview of law if he has shot the movie abroad, it’s wrong. He has missed out a logic that being an Indian citizen he could be tried for any offence even though he has committed it abroad” the DCP clarified.

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Also, he stated that this case is very big in its nature and intensity. He added, “Director Ram Gopal Varma is saying that he has not even directed the Short film GST and only gave his concept. Also, he said that he met Mia Malkova during some other shooting of her in Poland. But we have evidence that he himself has directed the Movie. So we sought him for further explanation and he will be investigated after Forensic team extracts images from this Personal Computer”.

Has Director Ram Gopal Varma agreed to what police has said and what the law is dictating? a journo asked. “If he agrees with everything, then under guilt, he would have got arrested by now and sent to jail”, the Hyderabad DCP is quick to reply.

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