Pawan Kalyan finally opens up about Chiru and Allu Aravind

After a long gap, Pawan Kalyan revealed the goings on in Chiru’s Praja Rajyam Party in those days. At the Jana Sena workers meet in Rajahmundry, he was asked why he allowed Praja Rajyam to be merged in the Congress. Why was he silent?

Pawan said he believed in Servant Leadership. “One has to trust the captain of the ship. It is not that I did not know what was happening. I had many problems, but was helpless. Today, I have strength and experience. But, that was a time when I had no say in the happenings,” he said.

He also said: “Allu Aravind used to decide everything. If someone wanted me somewhere, he would say Bunny or Cherry would be sufficient. He only saw me as an actor, not as a socially aware citizen. Many times I cried within silently.”

Lokesh’s Reply To Pawan’s Comments

Pawan Kalyan’s comments over dynasty politics has been to defeat easily of the proportion by media. While Pawan meant to target YS Jagan, incidentally, it also hit Nara Lokesh, the scion of Chandrababu & IT minister.

However, Nara Lokesh took Pawan Kalyan’s comments in stride and responded quite gently. While stating that there is nothing wrong in a politician’s son becoming politician, Lokesh Nara opined that it is the capabilities of a person that matters. Lokesh said that ultimately voter has to decide whether to vote or not in democracy.

“An IAS officer’s children wants to become an IAS. Likewise, a politician’s son or daughter becoming a politician isn’t wrong. If they have a wish to serve people like their parents, they should. But voter will decide whether to vote for them or not depending on their ability and work,” Lokesh Nara said when asked to comment on Pawan kalyan’s dynasty comments.

It Minister of Ap has given a sweet counter to Pawan kalyan indicating that dynasty politics is not wrong.

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