If Pawan Is CM Candidate, What About Jagan?

CPI State Secretary Ramakrishna declared Pawan Kalyan will be the CM Candidate if Maha Kutami materializes. ‘Pawan Kalyan have good image and craze among people. He have a good political knowledge. It would be nice if such a leader becomes Chief Minister,’ opined the Left Party Leader.

Usually, There will be at least two strong parties in a Maha Kutami. Even if Jana Sena is being recognized as a strong force, What about the other party? Both CPI and CPM have been fighting for their existence in Telugu States. They are banking on Pawan’s Popularity to win few seats. How can the alliance between Jana Sena & Left make it Maha Kutami?

For now, Possibility of YSR Congress joining Maha Kutami has been ruled out as it have high chances of forming the next government without any alliance. Even if YCP forms an alliance with Jana Sena & Left Parties, YS Jagan will be the CM Candidate not Pawan. Is Powerstar okay with it?

It’s really surprising to see Left Parties believe Pawan Kalyan can be CM despite Jana Sena lacking organizational structure. Miracles Won’t Happen All The Time!

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