Nara Lokesh Did It Again!!!

Whenever politicians speak they should be alert careful in choosing their words. It is increasingly becoming difficult to escape from the social media because if a person makes silly statements, they will be immediately go viral.  AP CM Chandrababu Naidu son, Minister Nara Lokesh doesn’t seem to learn lessons from the past incidents in this regard.

It has become a common practice for Chinababu to slip his tongue. Sometimes his statements show his ignorance. Even media will be always alert to capture those golden moments. TDP workers feel that Lokesh should be more alert while he speaking and he shouldn’t give chance to the critics. But Lokesh doing the same thing again.y

Lokesh is currently on USA tour. He has recently attended NRI TDP meeting in New Jersey and gave a speech addressing the TDP supporters. Lokesh must have been excited to see a huge number of TDP workers in the USA, he said that “Watching your enthusiam.. I feel that Telugu Desam Party will come to power in America as well.” Needless to say, everybody was shell-shocked with this remarks.

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We all know that politicians talk many things and they exaggerate about their strength to boost the energy of party workers sometimes. But nobody can talk like Lokesh. No TDP worker would have thought in their wildest dreams of coming to power in the USA. Whatever be the case, Lokesh Babu golden words became a hot topic in the social media again.

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