Nagarjuna Behind Akkineni Hero’s Divorce?

Whenever Sumanth comes out to give interviews or for media interactions, one question on his failed marriage seems to be the common question that crops up, every time. There is a rumour that it was Nagarjuna’s domination that had created differences.

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Giving clarity to this rumour, Sumanth said that Nag was in no way responsible for his divorce with Keerthy Reddy. It was their immaturity that led to the divorce as they were too young. In fact, Nagarjuna is very close to Keerthi’s brother and Nag’s involvement is zero when it came to his divorce. Even now, Sumanth maintains that friendly relationship with Keerthy Reddy and her family. She has been very much in touch with Sumanth as a friend and they even keep calling each other, once in a while. Especially, Keerthi’s family still treats him like friends, revealed the Akkineni hero.

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