Why Megastar chiranjeevi Apologized to KTR?

Megastar Chiranjeevi, who on Monday attended the Prapancha Telugu Mahasabhalu event that is being organized by Telangana govt., thanked CM K. Chandrasekhara Rao and also narrated the incident when he had apologized to IT Minister KTR.

“I sincerely thank CM KCR garu for making me a part of this beautiful event. The kind of work KCR is doing for the preservation of Telugu language is praiseworthy. Organizing this event itself is a proof of how much he respects and loves Telugu language. On behalf of the whole film industry, I thank him for the thoughtful gesture of felicitating Telugu film artistes during this event.

It was a historic decision to make Telugu language mandatory from 1st to 12th standard in the schools of Telangana. KCR’s efforts for restoration of Telugu is inspiring,” said Chiru, praising KCR to the sky.

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During his speech, Chiru also narrated the incident when he apologized to KTR.

“When KTR invited me for this event, I immediately agreed to attend. During our conversation, I congratulated him on winning a prestigious award recently. To that, he said, Anna..(brother), how pertinent it is to wish me in ‘English’ when I came to invite you for ‘Telugu’ mahasabhalu. Although he just joked, I realized that we knowingly or unknowingly neglect our mother tongue. I apologized to him then and there.

How heartening it will be to talk in pure Telugu instead of English or any other convoluted language when two Telugu persons meet. I wish every Telugu person strive for the preservation of our language,” the Megastar concluded his speech.’

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