Mahindra Chairman trolls Balakrishna, fans angry

The viral video of Nandamuri Balakrishna from his recent film ‘Jai Simha’ wherein he lifts a Mahindra Bolero with single hand is turning out to be a big hilarious campaign on the social media. On Monday, a small scene was tweeted to none other than Chairman of Mahindra group – Anand Mahindra, who also made a hilarious comment on it.

A twitter guy who asked Anand to watch the act that’s trending in Telugu speaking States, got a retweet with an extremely funny reply – ‘Haha. Now all our service workshops won’t need any hydraulic lifts anymore to do Bolero check-ups!!’

However, this hasn’t gone down well with the fans of Balakrishna who referred to it as ‘trolling’ and began to strike at him with the following tags – #BoycottMahindra & #BanMahindra.

Apart from the video, few dance moves of Balayya has exploded fun among all the fans and film lovers across both Telugu speaking states.

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