KTR Says- This Is A Tough One To Respond

KCR son & Telangana minister for IT and KTR is not only famous as an active politician but he is even more famour on the social media sites. He amassed a huge following in the social media by quickly responding to the people. He appears like a Page 3 celebrity rather than a minister. That doesn’t mean he will keep aside the responsibilities of his ministry. That’s the reason why he commands a great following among the TRS leaders and in youth. Unexpectedly, school students also joined in this menu.

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In a recent development, a ninth class student Abhijit Karthik interfaced his grievance to KTR through Twitter. He said that “Sir. My Name is Abhi. I’m studying ninth standard in Narayana Techno Schoo in KPHB. Our school timings are from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. We have the headache of IIT in addition to that. Monday’s IIT orientation classes are spoiling our happiness of Sunday. Please save our childhood. Kindly act tough.”

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Moved by the abhi tweet, KTR replied that “This is a tough one for me to respond to Abhi !! I feel your pain & will take up the matter in right earnest asap with Deputy CM @KadiyamSrihari Garu.” It is known that Deputy CM Kadiyam Srihari is also the minister for education so, he KTR said he will discuss the issue with him. On the whole, the twitter interaction of a ninth class student and KTR has become a hot topic on the social media.

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