KCR Receives Milk Bath In Andra Pradesh

Who would have expected this to happen particularly after KCR made few demeaning remarks against Andhrites during the Telangana Movement? But, There is a lot of change in the way Andhra People looked at TRS Supremo in the past four years.

Today, Yadava Community Sangham from AP offered Palabhishekham to KCR’s Photograph at Vijayawada press club in an attempt to show their gratitude. They claimed to be pretty happy with KCR’s decision to offer Rajya Sabha seat to a Leader from their community, 10-acres and Rs 10 crore of land for the construction of Yadava Sangam building.

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AP Yadava Sangham told how much the decisions taken by KCR means to them by honoring the CM with Milk Bath.

Telanganites are delighted to see people of neighboring state showing so much gratitude to their Chief Minister. TRS Leaders and Cadre would claim it as another achievement from now.

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