Hyderabad Metro Rail: Hourly Charge on Telugu Films Shoot

Hyderabad Metro Rail: Gleaming platforms, colorful ambiance and well-maintained stations apart from a newly introduced mass transportation system are fast catching the fancy of Tollywood directors in using Hyderabad Metro Rail and its stations as a location for their projects.

Right from the Allari Naresh starrer ‘Bandipotu’, Nitin’s ‘Lie ‘ to the latest Akhil Akkineni’s ‘Hello’, quite a few flicks have already been shot at the metro stations premises.

Some of these films were shot before the commencement of commercial operations of the Metro Rail with authorities saying that quite a few other directors had evinced interest in shooting their films, including feature films and short films as well.

Catching up with the contemporary look, Moviemakers the choice of locations for shooting movies too has been evolving over the years. There was a time when Jubilee Bus Station aka JBS was the preferred destination for many directors to picturize different situations including action scenes.

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A few years later, Kacheguda Railway station emerged as prime locations for Telugu movie shootings. With the advent of Multi-Modal Transit System (MMTS) trains, several movies were shot in the trains and at different MMTS stations.

A few scenes, including a couple of action sequences of Tollywood director Puri Jagannadh’s blockbuster ‘Pokiri’ were filmed at Khairatabad MMTS station.

Now, with the Hyderabad Metro Rail winning hearts in the city, Tollywood directors too have started looking at it and also the plus Metro Rail premises for filming different sequences.

Among the stations, Hyderabad Metro Rail Nagole and Miyapur are said to be more preferred by the directors. It is for the movie team to select the station and premises, including the platform level, concourse level or even in a train, said a senior official.

Industry technicians and directors conduct a recce before finalising a location and nearly six hours are utilised in a day for a movie shoot. All precautionary measures are taken to avoid any damage to the property or any untoward incident while filming a scene, he said.

Refusing to disclose the amount charged for permitting movie shootings, the official said it was charged on hourly basis. It depends on the location as well, platform level and concourse level had different rates and if a train was used the charges were different, he added.

Hyderabad Metro Rail has become one of the convenient and favorite locations for The directors lately. If you have recognized or not while watching the films. The Hyderabad Metro Rail officials stated that there more directors who are showing interest to shoot their movies at these metro stations for their fresh and sleek ambiance which is apt for a perfect scene. And obviously, it wouldn’t be free of cost to shoot movies at Hyderabad Metro Rail. The directors are being charged for the shoot on an hourly basis as the reports say. And a scene would at least take five to six hours which would give impressive earnings.

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