how to find fake eggs in india || distinguish between artificial and real eggs!

how to find fake eggs in India: The news of fake foods making their way into the market has alarmed everyone in the country.

Recently, ‘artificial eggs’ made out of plastic have been found selling in the markets of Kolkata.

The sale of fake eggs in india came to light after a woman complained about eggs which smelled of plastic upon cooking to the civic body and consumer affairs department.

And this could be termed as a case of food scandal, posing a serious health risks to consumers.

So, it is very important that one knows how to find fake eggs in india made out of plastic.

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Here are some ways through which you can easily distinguish between fake eggs in india and the real ones:

  • The white and yolk of fake egg quickly mixes together after cracking it unlike the real ones.
  • Fake eggs have slightly shinier, harder and rougher shells than the real ones.
  • Fake eggs also have a rubbery linning inside the shells.
  • You will hear sloshing sounds when you shake a fake egg as liquid will flow from the solid agent.
  • The real eggs smell like raw meat while the fake ones doesn’t smell at all.
  • Cracking a real egg lightly will generate a crisp sound when compared to a fake egg.
  • And lastly, the fake eggs doesn’t attract insects like ants and flies like the the real eggs does.
  • Know that you are frying fake eggs if the yolk spreads without you touching it.

Health Effects of Eating Fake Eggs

When these fake eggs in India are made with harmful chemicals and waste plastic materials from factories, they are sure to damage the health of people who eat them. Long-term consumption of these fake eggs can lead to many health problems like memory loss or dementia.

So it is important for the consumers to identify and differentiate these fake eggs from real ones.

So one should be careful in what they buy and eat. To get healthy food is the basic right of every citizen of every country, so such faking and adulteration of food should be treated as serious crime! Only then, we can think of a healthy future for us and our future generations.

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