Denying Ministry to KCR My Mistake: CBN

TDP Supremo Chandrababu Naidu admits denying cabinet berth to K Chandrasekhar Rao after retaining power in 1999 was a mistake committed by him. ‘I assumed K Vijayarama Rao was a better choice than KCR as the former served as CBI Director and have knowledge about bureaucracy. Circumstances prevailing a particular period prompts us to take certain decisions. Everything willn’t be in our hands,’ he confessed.

The error of judgement by Chandrababu Naidu angered KCR very much. He quit Telugu Desam and formed TRS with the goal of Telangana Statehood. 12 Years after floating the party, The dream of separate Telangana became reality and KCR emerged as the first Chief Minister as well.

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Had if Naidu offered KCR ministerial berth, Certainly the second round of Telangana movement mayn’t have intensified so quickly. Better if we accept that bifurcation will prompt our rulers to develop the neglected regions!

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