#BiggBoss2: Wife Lobbying For Samrat

After a gap of more than 2 years, Lakshmi Manchu is returning to acting. She will soon be seen in a suspense thriller, titled Wife of Ram. The film is releasing on July 20. Bigg Boss contestant Samrat Reddy plays Ram in the movie.

Lakshmi Manchu has been a good friend of Samrat and his sister Shilpa Reddy for a long time. In fact, Samrat plays cameos in almost all the films produced by the Manchu family. Now, Lakshmi is busy promoting Wife of Ram at several colleges in Hyderabad.

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During the promotions, Lakshmi is said to be heavily lobbying for Samrat’s win in Bigg Boss and is requesting all the college youths to vote for Samrat in huge numbers. Although it may seem to be a friendly gesture by Lakshmi, Samrat advancing without being nominated for elimination for the next few weeks will greatly help Wife of Ram’s box-office prospects. Lakshmi has co-produced Wife of Ram.

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