Anushka Shetty Weight Loss Issues

One star heroine of Tollywood who looks entirely different on-screen and off-screen is Sweety Anushka Shetty. It’s a known fact that this ‘Arundathi’ actress has put on so much weight for Size Zero movie. Keeping the not-so-satisfactory collections aside, she failed to lose some weight after the movie release.

Anushka tried out so many new methods to lose her fat but everything went into vain. But why is she still looking slim and glamorous on-screen? Well, it seems like the makers of Bhaagamathie used latest technology and corrected her physical frame. Even Rajamouli and team did the same for Baahubali 2 making.

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However, the actress is confident in saying that she is not at all regretting the decision she took to put on weight for ‘Size Zero’ movie. Recently, she was seen in the pre-release event of Nani’s production debut ‘Awe’. She looked lean in some frames of Bhaagamathie but is somewhat bubbly in reality. Well, poor Anushka is facing some serious weight issues because of one movie.

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